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If you've been reading science blogs for a while, you probably know about Open Laboratory. It's a yearly anthology of the best science blog writing on the internet. And the submission form is now open (there's a handy little badge in the left sidebar too). If you appreciate the stuff that I do here, please consider submitting the posts to Open Labs. With so many amazing science bloggers out there, I doubt I'll make it very far, but I've decided to put this out there because I think it will help me strive to work harder. When blogging has to compete with my work at the bench, and with cleaning the kitchen, and even with passive browsing of reddit and G+, it can be easy to forget why I'm doing it, but your comments and insights always revitalize me. Getting feedback from readers drives a virtuous cycle - getting recognition for the things people like makes me work harder to write things people will like.

Anything written between October 2011 and October 2012 is eligible. A couple of the posts I'm most proud of in that time frame are below the fold - if you like them too, submit them to Open Labs, and we'll see how far they go. Or, take a look through the archives. And crucially, if you don't think they deserve to be submitted, tell me why. Criticism can be hard to take, but I also think it can make me better.

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