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My common New Year's resolutions (get more exercise, keep my lab notebook up to date, etc) rarely make it off the starting block. In this I am hardly unique, and there are very good reasons why, so I usually also try to make one major, sort of intangible resolution. This year for instance (largely because of reading this book), I decided to try to be wrong more often. More precisely, I'm trying to want to change my mind.

It's hard to know how well this is going (with all of the things I'm not changing my mind about, it's obviously because I'm right), but alas, all my other resolutions have more or less fallen but the wayside. But I have another chance! My lab recently moved into a new space, and everything got shuffled around, and I didn't do an experiment for about 3 weeks. So now: New Lab Resolutions!

There's no reason you should care, but I'd like to enlist your help with at least one - I'd like to write in this space at least twice a week. You may see more fluff posts that you're used to, but I find that when I get behind in the things I want to write about, I end up not writing anything. Your task: keep me going. Bug me when I don't write, send me links to things you'd like me to write about. I know it's a lot to ask, but make me better!

And as always, your constructive criticism is most welcome.