We, Beasties recovery - Part 2

Hey, it only took me 2 years to get back to this! Let's jump right in.


At the end of the last post, I had downloaded all of the html files from my old blog, We, Beasties, and pulled out the titles, dates, content (including links), and tags.

Now, I'd like to parse those and (crudely) turn them into markdown that can be built by Franklin.jl.

Converting html to markdown

I already figured out how to get all of the elements out of the HTML, now it's just a matter of making them into markdown.

Let's review

using EzXML

function gettags(body)
    tags = String[]
    tagnodes = findall(".//div[@class=\"field--item\"]", body)
    for tagnode in tagnodes
        a = findfirst("./a[@href]", tagnode)
        link = first(attributes(a)).content
        m = match(r"^/tag/([\w\-]+)$", link)
        isnothing(m) && continue
        push!(tags, m.captures[1])
    return tags

function getcontent(path)

    post = readhtml(path)
    doc = root(post)
    title = findall("//title", doc) # could have done `findfirst` instead, but then couldn't check if it's unique
    length(title) != 1 && error("Expected only 1 title block, got $(length(title)) from $p")
    title = first(title) |> nodecontent # get it out of the array

    body = findall("//div[@class=\"content\"]", doc)
    length(body) != 1 && error("Expected only 1 content block, got $(length(body)) from $path")
    body = first(body)
    tags = gettags(body)
    content = body.content
    links = findall(".//a[@href]", body)
    imgs = findall(".//img", body)

    return (; path, content, title, post, links, tags, imgs)
paths = readdir(htmlout, join=true)

stuff = getcontent(last(paths))
print(first(stuff.content, 1000), "...")
first(stuff.links, 4)

This the last post I made on the blog in 2013. It's got some pictures and a bunch of links, but not much other formatting, so should be pretty straightforward.

The first thing I decided to tackle was how to deal with the links...

Looking inside the contents of each element of links, it looks like all of the useful info I need is there:

link = stuff.links[2]

So all I need to do to start building the markdown is to find the text inside stuff.content, and replace it with a markdown link. Eg, Paul de Kruif's will become [Paul de Kruif's](http://www.amazon...).

This is easily done with julia's replace() function.

function make_md_links(content, links)
    for lnk in links
        repstring = nodecontent(lnk)
        link = nodecontent(first(attributes(lnk)))
        isempty(repstring) && continue # first link doesn't have anything in it
        any(ext -> endswith(link, ext), [".png", ".jpeg", ".jpg"]) && continue # skip images
        content = replace(content, repstring=> 
                                   string("[", repstring, "](", link, ")"),
    return content

linkified = make_md_links(stuff.content, stuff.links)
print(first(linkified, 500), "...")


Much harder is dealing with images. When I was blogging back then, I didn't understand the importance (for accessibility) of including link text, so most image links are going to have empty content.

But I don't really need to reproduce these posts exactly, so I settled on just downloading the images (if they exist) and putting them all at the end.

function append_image_links(content, links, imgs)
    ## don't proceed if there are no image links
    if isempty(imgs) && !any(lnk-> any(ext -> endswith(nodecontent(first(attributes(lnk))), ext), [".png", ".jpeg", ".jpg"]), links)
        return content

    content *= string("\n\n ## Post Images\n\n")
    for lnk in links
        alttext = nodecontent(lnk)
        link = nodecontent(first(attributes(lnk)))
        isempty(alttext) && (alttext = string("Image at $link"))
        if any(ext -> endswith(link, ext), [".png", ".jpeg", ".jpg"])

            targetpath = joinpath("_assets", "img", "webeasties", basename(link))
            if !isfile(targetpath) # skip if already downloaded
                    download(link, targetpath)
                    @error "Couldn't download $link, skipping"
            if !isfile(targetpath)
                content *= string("- ", "![", alttext, "](/", targetpath, ")\n")
                content *= string("- Missing image: ", alttext, " | ", link, "\n")

    for img in imgs
        link = findall(".//@src", img) |> first |> nodecontent
        alttext = findall(".//@alt", img)
        alttext = isempty(alttext) ? "image at $link" : alttext |> first |> nodecontent
        if startswith(link, "/files/")
            targetpath = joinpath("_assets", "img", "webeasties", basename(link))

            if !isfile(targetpath) # skip if already downloaded
                download(string("https://scienceblogs.com", link), targetpath)
            content *= string("- ", "![", alttext, "](/", targetpath[2:end], ")\n")
    return content
with_images = append_image_links(linkified, stuff.links, stuff.imgs)

print(last(with_images, 300))

Saving the markdown

Now I've got the content, it's time to save it. For the purposed of this post, I'll stick it in a temporary directory, but eventually, I want it to go into webeasties/ in the repository for this website so that I can build them with Franklin.

mdoutput = mktempdir()

mdoutput = "webeasties"
isdir(mdoutput) || mkdir(mdoutput)

for p in paths
    @info p
    post = getcontent(p)
    post_text = replace(post.content, r"(\S)\n(\S)"=> s"\1\n\n\2") # replace stand-alone new lines with doubles
    post_text = replace(post_text, r"\n+\s{4}Tags\n.+$"s=>"") # replace garbage at the end of each post
    post_text = replace(post_text, '$'=> raw"\$") # franklin doesn't like these
    post_text = replace(post_text, r"^\s{4,}"=> "") # remove leading spaces
    post_text = replace(post_text, r"\n{3,}"s=> "\n\n") # remove anything more than 3 newlines
    post_text = make_md_links(post_text, post.links)
    post_text = append_image_links(post_text, post.links, post.imgs)

    (y, m, d, postfile) = match(r"^(\d{4})(\d{2})(\d{2})_(.+)", basename(post.path)).captures

    t = replace(post.title, r" \| ScienceBlogs$"=>"")
    t = replace(t, '"'=> "'")
    outdir = joinpath(mdoutput, y)
    isdir(outdir) || mkdir(outdir)

    open(joinpath(mdoutput, y, replace(postfile, r"html?$"=>"md")), "w") do io
        print(io, """
        title = "$t"
        date = Date("$y-$m-$d")
        tags = $(post.tags)
        category = "webeasties"

        _This post initially appeared on [Science Blogs](http://scienceblogs.com/webeasties)_


And that's it! You can now see the archive here